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Zenana Room

The literal meaning of the word Zenana is “of the women” or “pertaining to women”.

The Zenana are the inner apartments of a house in which the women of the family lived and was off-limits to men who were not members of the family.

The room was designed to replicate paradise -this is the theme of the Zenana room.

The Russian influence came from the idea to use the paintings of Russian artist Lev Basky which depict the glorious freedom of woman as opposed to the oppressed and incarcerated existences of women in the harem.

The Russian influence lead the selection of more sumptious textiles for the sitting room – velvets, and warm colours whilst the chiffon curtains in the bedroom refer to the Arab theme of 1001 Nights.

Zenana is composed of a spacious bedroom connected to a lounge with daybed and balcony facing the alleyway. 

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trip advisor award excellence June 2020
This hotel totally captures the spirit of Stone Town
Quirkily charming this former palace has retained it’s character. This hotel totally captures the spirit of Stone Town–it’s history and its culture. Our room at the top (North) had great view of the rooftops, an outdoor (but private!) shower, and most amazing of all–and air-conditioned (as well as mosquito-netted) bed!
Lovely sunset ocean view
We stayed in the Blue room, which was beautiful and had a large tub and sitting area. Our friends stayed in the North room, which had a lovely sunset ocean view on a private terrace and open-air tub. You can have breakfast in your room for no extra charge.
trip advisor award excellence June 2020
This Stone Town Hotel was beautiful
The hotel was beautiful and the staff are beyond attentive and friendly. They truly think of everything from environmentally conscious soaps, to separate beach towels. The rooms are very clean and the historical architecture and furniture truly complement the mystery of Stone Town.  When we checked out, they gave us a room to use for shower and lounging for the full day at no extra charge. We were so impressed with their hospitality.
trip advisor award excellence June 2020
Doctor JMF
Dinner on the roof was delicious
The Spirit of Stone Town… Dinner on the roof was delicious–accompanied by local musicians and an amazing sunset. And the service was outstanding–including free laundry and access to our fantastic guide Simai, he is a treasure!
trip advisor award excellence June 2020
Rainer M
Sunset spectacular… can only recommend!
Music great, Food excellent flavors of typical dishes, Venue nice, Sunset spectacular… can only recommend! Will do this again and again for sure.

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