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North Room

With the entire north side of this room facing the Indian Ocean with only a lattice wall to protect, the imagination is transported to the distant horizon: other lands, other shores and other people.This and the view of the dhows, either moored and gently bobbing on the tides or gliding elegantly out towards the horizon evoking memories of trade and adventure, inspires the major influence in this room’s design and colour scheme.The ‘blues’ are inspired by the iridescent colours of the ocean and the furnishings are in part derived from a nautical theme originating from both the English ships which patrolled the Indian Ocean coast in the late 19th century and the indigenous Arab dhows.A heavy wooden basin counter (made from wood recovered from the harbour) reflects the material of the traditional dhow. The furniture selected for this room gives the ambiance inside an old trading ship as do the old brass and copper ships lamps which add to the nautical feel of the room.An Evening Breeze air conditioner keeps your bed cool at night and the shower is open to the sky.

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