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Keep Suite

The entrance to Keep Suite follows the time – honoured routes of the Middle Ages as you traverse bridges and stairs to reach the suite. The keep at Durham castle has been described as ‘arising from the “tumulus of rising earth reaching “into thin air, strong within and without”, a “stalwart house…glittering with beauty in every part”.The Keep Suite is actually four distinct sections: the bedroom, the verandah parlor, the verandah garden, and a private Teahouse “the castle keep itself”.The bedroom features a gigantic bed in a cocoon of netting and with a fan directly above the bed. Carved lattice windows open to a rooftop city view while air conditioning makes for a comfortable cool haven from the Zanzibar heat.From the verandah garden up a teakwood staircase lies the castle keep itself, perfect for sunset cocktails or breakfast.The view from the stairs and sky-walk leading to the castle keep are much like standing on the prow of a proud ocean liner above the city.We must emphasize that while most guests adore this room, if you suffer a fear of heights, maybe this room is NOT for you!

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