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Zanzibar is like no other place on earth. For centuries, this Indian Ocean island off the coast of Africa has lured explorers, traders, adventurers, and romantics of all kinds.

It is a land of contrasts; a place to delight the senses. The crumbling ruins of palaces and sultans’ baths overlook pristine white beaches lined with palm trees.

Wooden sailing vessels, still made by hand, ply the turquoise waters off the shore of a labyrinthian Arab-Indian-African city built from stone and home to a culture that has been maturing for several thousand years.

Exotic spices scent the air and flavor the complex cuisine for which the island is justly renowned. The island’s famed shopping bazaar is thronged with women wrapped in colorful kanga cloth or draped in jeweled buibui with intricate henna designs painted on their hands.


The plaintive sound of the call to prayer from the island’s many mosques mingles with century-old Taarab music, mellow reggae, the cheerful pop sounds of Bongo Flava and the intricate rhythms of daku and ngoma drumming.

Wild parrots and colobus monkeys flit through dense green jungle and hundreds of species of exotic fish and sea creatures make their homes among the island’s many coral reefs.

At Emerson Zanzibar properties, you will be able to experience the island’s many pleasures– along with Zanzibar’s celebrated hospitality–in Stone Town’s most unique luxury heritage hotels.

Your nights will be spent in opulent rooms filled with art, antiques and ancient treasures, each one individually designed for comfort and beauty.

Your meals will be expertly prepared under the direction of our chef’s, Your days will be spent as you wish….savouring, exploring, luxuriating.

It is both our goal and our pleasure to help you craft a holiday that fulfills all your dreams.


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